Peggy Bingham

Peggy Bingham is a West Texas native who, at a very young age, developed a passion and appreciation for art of all genres. Although she very much admires art in all of its amazing forms, her expertise lies in creating artwork through the use of pastels. The inspiration for most of her work lies in the beauty of God’s wonderful creations, as many of her paintings depict various landscapes of which she recreates from photos and images burned in her memory. Peggy frequently displays and is constantly developing her use of pastels by presenting chalk programs to schools, churches, and civic groups. she has completed many paintings over the years but has only recently begun to have some of those paintings reproduced through giclee. The signed and numbered reproductions of those paintings can be purchased in the form of wall hangings of various sizes as well as greeting cards.

For more information regarding her work and to schedule chalk programs, please e-mail her directly at

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